About This Project

This website is both part of a class project and something I’ve wanted to do for a few years.

My name is Annaleigh Curtis, and I’m currently a JD student at Harvard Law School. Before law school, though, I was a philosopher. I got a PhD in philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

One of the things I spent some time researching in grad school was the ways implicit bias and stereotype threat interact with how we think about morality individually, as groups, and in the philosophy profession in particular. Because of this focus, people have often asked me over the past few years whether I have any advice for reducing bias and stereotype threat based on my reading of the empirical work on the topic. I have been able to offer a few tidbits or direct people to other resources, but never anything particularly satisfying.

This semester I’m in a course called Systemic Justice. As my final project for that class, I’m spending some time coming up with a better answer to those questions. I hope that this website will be a resource for philosophers who are looking to create a more inclusive classroom and profession.

Here’s a good place to start.

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